lagu YUI- Blue wind.... translatean nya..

1:46 PM

kenapa aku bisa trenyuh ma lagu ini ya?
saking simple nya mungkin liriknya...

menurutku so sweet banget lah critane...
riwis lebay ah....

Blue Wind

Why? Why are talking to me this way?
You won't say anything...

All I've got left is hope
I believe in it more than you do
I can't put it into words

Wait, you want to comfort me?
...thank you.

You said things to me,
I couldn't take another joke...
But you were so kind to me,
That I finally understood you.

I was told that a great inventor
Works and works to make something.

But if he works with his friends,
He'll have a long, happy life.

I'm not gonna mope over everything
While standing in the wind...

You said to me:
"God's watching over us."
I heard you laugh for the first time,
Then you told me more about you.

Remember the first song we made?
I still hum it from time to time.

If I start to forget it, I'll try to remember
Our feelings when we made it...

There's a place I want to reach
...nothing ever changes there.

You said to me:
"Today, I'll try to believe in God."
All I can do is sing,
But don't worry, I'm all right.

I'll just be myself.

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